Love Decoded-2016 Speaker

Mr. Prabhu Ganeshan is a Corporate Leader who has worked in some of the top companies in oil and gas industry in Dubai. He is miraculously saved and became a great evangelist in the market place ministry. He is a motivational speaker and addresses many contemporary topics like Servant Leadership, Addictions, Successful Marriages etc.


About Interface

Interface is an inter-corporate and inter-denominational Christian fellowship catering to the spiritual needs of software professionals in Hyderabad &  ecunderabad. Many software companies in twin cities have individual or combined corporate fellowship groups and meet on a regular basis for prayer and Bible study.

Interface intends to be a spiritual hub combining the resources of various fellowships for conveying the gospel and furthering the Kingdom of God in their respective workplaces.

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Annual Camp Refresh 2017

6:00 pm — 4:00 pm
@ St.Ann’s Generalate, Tarnaka
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