Annual Camp Refresh-2017  Speaker

Dr. Prabhu Singh is a trained missiological anthropologist. He lives in India with his wife Sheeba and daughter Prarthna. He trains Indian cross-cultural missionaries in the field of anthropology and also serves as a visiting scholar at many seminaries.

Prabhu and his wife Sheeba are founders of Jeevan Foundation that works among the poor and marginalized children and women in India, as well as HIV families and children of sex workers. Currently he is the Professor for Anthropology and Missions, and also the Head of the Department of Missiology at South Asia Institute for Advanced Christian Studies [SAIACS], Bangalore India.

About Interface

Interface is an inter-corporate and inter-denominational Christian fellowship catering to the spiritual needs of software professionals in Hyderabad &  ecunderabad. Many software companies in twin cities have individual or combined corporate fellowship groups and meet on a regular basis for prayer and Bible study.

Interface intends to be a spiritual hub combining the resources of various fellowships for conveying the gospel and furthering the Kingdom of God in their respective workplaces.

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