LoveDecoded – Meaning of Christmas

Christmas is the season of lobe, joy and peace. It is the celebration of Love incarnated to spread the fragrance of joy and peace

Financial Stress to Financial Security-crop

Financial Stress to Financial Security

Have you considered the mind-boggling salaries of the top CEOs in the recent news articles? Here are the latest figures of annual salaries of CEOs of some of the top IT companies…

Debugging Made Easy-CROP

Debugging Made Easy

“If there are no bugs in the software program, why would any IT employer need a programmer?” “ If you can ever find a bug-free/dust-free house, why would anyone need a servant? ”….


Redefining Success

We all love success! No one wants to fail and live a defeated life. But, how do w e d e f i n e s u c c e s s ? Someone said Success is progres…


Your Search Ends Here 

Young people seek a lot of things in this world. If you briwse through the classifieds of any newspaper, you browser….

Build Home or Buy House

Dear Friend, you are probably a hard working young professional who went through all the pains and pressures of academic life.

Friendships on Social Media

Friendship is a relationship of mutual affection between two or more people. A wise man said -“Two are better than one,because…


Is there a hope

Some years ago, a strikingly pretty 15-year-old walked into our office at Richmond Town, Bangalore. The teenager asked my…

True Happiness

Has a nice family and cheerful friends, but yet battles loneliness. Enjoys games, movies, pubs and parties, but yet finds all these…


True Love – Myth or Reality

LOVE is a very commonly used word with so many different meanings! If we ask a college going boy or a girl, what love means…