Many of our brothers and sisters touched by the love of Christ which made them to follow the foot steps of Jesus Christ. Here are those :

  • vlcsnap-2016-12-01-14h58m11s104-2Prabhu Vijay

    I went to the church casually along with my family

    "I went to the church casually along with my family many times, but never understood anything related to God clearly…I joined badminton at the age of 16 years…I was able to win district level title…At this junction my parents’ relationship was broken…Then, I had to stop Badminton…The only thing I was doing was to lock myself in room, cursing God and watching television…One of my office colleagues asked me to join him for a prayer meeting in our company…It is there I realized that I was committing a few mistakes…I would like to express my journey and experiences in two simple equations:..Read / Listen from the attachment to know more on what God did in Prabhu Vijay."

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  • largePrashanth

    Brought up by South Indian Brahmin family with good disciplines..

    "Brought up by South Indian Brahmin family with good disciplines…reading scriptures on vedas…but seeking God from the bottom of heart…wanted to know the meaning on scriptures…started searching on internet, who is God…He who comes to me never go thirsty…not a culture… To hear more about this interaction, click the attachment."
  • samplePrasanna Lakshmi Bandaru

    My parents divorced when I was still in my mother’s womb..

    "My parents divorced when I was still in my mother’s womb. ………. I never liked hostel environment and I used to be sad with loneliness as I have to live without my grandfather. But there the hostel aunty, who is a Christian……."
  • sampleAnusha

    Christ was just another God to us

    "Christ was just another God to us….I heard a sister's testimony about how she realized that it was foolish to worship idols….Since my grandmother didn’t know how to read, I would keep it in my book shelf and read it now and then….There is another person I should thank too who contributed to my walk towards God. He was my class teacher in 9th standard. I was a very active student and topped my class always. He would encourage me to read testimonies of missionaries….. I had a few Christian friends in my hostel and sometimes we would pray together….After graduating, I got job in an MNC in Hyderabad. A Christian friend in my PG invited me to her church…... I went to a secluded place, knelt down, weeping sorely. I started confessing my sins to the Lord….It took 10 years for me to reach the step of salvation. I marvel at the richness of His love and the slowness of His anger."